Preserving cultural heritage at Podgorze cemeteries

Old Cemetery of Podgorze
On 1st November 2023, a fundraiser was held at the New Podgorze Cemetery, while extensive renovation work has begun at the Old Podgorze Cemetery.

Fundraiser at New Podgorze Cemetery

Fundraiser at New Podgorze Cemetery 2023

On 1st November 2023, the PODGORZE.PL Association organised its 17th annual fundraiser at the New Podgorze Cemetery in Krakow to collect money for renovation of tombstones of historical value.

An amount of nearly 3.000 euros was collected this year and it will be spent on renovation works on one of the graves in the main avenue of the New Podgorze Cemetery. 

Thanks to funds collected in previous years, nine dilapidated graves from the early years of the 20th century have already been renovated. The graves selected for renovation have no legal owners, hence a public collection is the only way to ensure their preservation for the future generations.

Renovation of Old Podgorze Cemetery

Renovation of Old Podgorze Cemetery 2023

Major renovation work has commenced in the Old Podgorze Cemetery in Krakow, the oldest cemetery in the city. 

The plans include renovation of walls, gate and pavement of alleyways. New lighting will also be introduced. Remains of the old graves will be preserved in the form of a lapidarium. Project also includes replacing of over fifty poor quality gravestones placed in the cemetery in the 1970s, with new ones, created according to the old designs. Furthermore, several graves destroyed last summer by collapsing trees will be restored to their former glory. 

The renovation should be completed by 2026 at a total cost of nearly one million euro. It is funded by Civic Committee for the Restoration of Krakow Heritage and the Municipality of Krakow.