25th Cemeteries Colloquium: Call for papers

25th Cemeteries Colloquium in York, UK
The Cemetery Research Group invites you to participate in the 25th Cemeteries Colloquium, taking place on the 24th May 2024 in York, UK.

About the event

On the 24th May 2024, the 25th Cemeteries Colloquium will take place as a live meeting in York, United Kingdom.

The Colloquium, organized by the Cemetery Research Group (CRG), has developed into an essential forum for the discussion of new and emerging cemetery scholarship and is multi-disciplinary, accepting papers from across all the humanities and social sciences. The event has an emphasis on discussion, and its international and interdisciplinary nature makes the meeting particularly thought-provoking.

Call for papers

Anyone who would like to participate is invited to submit their presentation abstract of no more than 250 words by using the submission portal at the Cemetery Research Group website.

Deadline for abstract submission is 11th April 2024.

For any additional questions please contact Dr Julie Rugg at julie.rugg@york.ac.uk.

*Photo source: www.cemeteryresearch.org