WDEC 2024: Environmental sustainability and climate change

WDEC 2024: Environmental sustainability and climate change
This year's WDEC will focus on cemeteries' dedication to environmental sustainability and fight against climate change.

Climate change is the consequence of global warming of the Earth and the overall increase in temperature caused by the toxic emissions generated in human activities.

European cemeteries are determined allies in the common fight against climate change. They have been working for years on its mitigation through a wide range of actions and initiatives that demonstrate a strong commitment to the environment. Common measures to reduce environmental impact include:

  • responsible use of fossil energies and water,
  • progressive incorporation of renewable energy sources,
  • respect for the plant and fauna biodiversity of our enclosures,
  • enhancement of native vegetation,
  • responsible waste management,
  • progressive electrification of vehicle fleets.
This year's Week of Discovering European Cemeteries, scheduled from 24 May to 2 June, will try to highlight the important issue of climate change through various events and activities and showcase different ways in which cemeteries and their visitors can contribute to reducing environmental impact.

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