ASCE IT systems

ASCE is an international association with members all across Europe. Therefore different IT knowledge, administrative rules and cultures shape the work. Presidency of the association is also moving with each elections and steering committee is made up of people from different countries.

It is a general decision therefore to work within cloud services except for the services that cannot be done otherwise due to legal limitations (accountant applications are most probably the only).

Google Workspace (Apps) as base solution

Google Apps environment was selected as a most complete cloud based solution in 2011. At that time it offered most comprehensive, complete and cheap system.

It is a very convenient system to transfer archives and working tools when switching the presidency.

ASCE uses following services for the work of the Association:

  • Email (Gmail)
  • Drive
  • Photos
  • YouTube channel
  • Blogger
  • Contacts

Specific solutions within Google Drive (Scripts)

ASCE members spreadsheet

All member's data and work is stored within a spreadsheet with linked data regarding their status and administrative details (invoices, contacts...).

Membership tool

To make any following transition of presidency most easily available, we have built a cloud based app for membership management. All Steering Committee members can now check, edit and organize the work with members within their region.

As it is completely designed and programmed within Google Drive (Google Script), it is easy to find programmers within any country in Europe to continue developments or provide other support for the presidency. Owner of the code is ASCE.