• The First Cemetery of Athens (Athens, Greece)

    A promotional video of the First Cemetery of Athens, prepared by the City of Athens / Department of Cultural Heritage.
  • Visit to the Carmes Cemetery

    Discover the rich history of the Carmes Cemetery in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
  • Why are there different funeral rituals?

    This animation video seeks to highlight that the enablement of different ritual and spatial requirements is important for the provision of inclusive public cemeteries and crematoria.
  • Highgate: Enchancing and conserving a historic cemetery for the 21st century

    Short film about the magic of Highgate Cemetery, a 25-year masterplan.
  • 20 years of ASCE overview

    A video overview of the activities and projects that marked the first 20 years of ASCE.
  • Best practice report: Schools on cemeteries

    Video explaining how we approach schools and children in teaching them cultural heritage through cemeteries.
  • Official video of the AGM 2021

    This year's AGM took place from 16-18 September 2021 in Budapest, Hungary. The rich and elaborate program was perfectly executed by our host and newest ASCE member, the National heritage institute of Hungary.
  • Cemetery of La Carriona (Aviles, Spain)

    A promotional video of the Cemetery of La Carriona that was prepared within the Symbols Project.
  • 100 years of Skogskyrkogården

    The unique merge of nature and architecture into a seamless whole. That is Skogskyrkogården - The Woodland Cemetery.
  • 200 years of the City Cemetery of Zadar (Croatia)

    Discover the City Cemetery of Zadar through a video of some stunning spots in the old part of the cemetery.
  • The New Cemetery of Belgrade: Adventures of the spirit and beyond

    Promotional video of the New Cemetery of Belgrade, Serbia.
  • The Napoleonic Cemetery (Cavriago, Italy)

    Cavriago built his cemetery in 1810, following Napoleon's regulation from 1804, with which the construction of a cemetery outside the town was envisaged for each municipality. The cemetery remained in operation until January 7th, 1923, the day of the inauguration of the New Cemetery.
  • The Northern Cemetery (Wiesbaden, Germany)

    The tour of the Wiesbaden Northern Cemetery shows the architectural diversity and splendor of the tombs from around 1900 as an outstanding example of historical architecture (audio in German).
  • Vienna cemeteries: "Because there is no end to saying goodbye."

    From a sad farewell to eternal memories that give comfort and keep the stories of the past alive.
  • Certosa of Bologna: A door to infinity

    An open air museum, preserving living memories of the past.
  • Glasgow Necropolis (Glasgow, Scotland)

    A promotional video of the first ornamental garden cemetery in Scotland with a landscape inspired by Père Lachaise in Paris.
  • Cemetery agli Allori: the monumental column

    A short display of the monumental column in the Cemetery agli Allori in Florence, Italy (audio in Italian).
  • Cemetery agli Allori: The Hemicycle

    A short display of the Hemicycle at the Cemetery agli Allori in Florence, Italy (audio in Italian).
  • Varaždin Cemetery (Varaždin, Croatia)

    An outstanding example of landscape architecture and natural monuments.
  • Cemetery Sant Antoni Abat: the Sleeping City.

    A promotional video of The Sant Antoni Abat Cemetery in Alcoy, Spain.
  • City Cemetery Škaljari (Kotor, Montenegro)

    A journey through the beautiful cemetery Škaljari in Kotor, Montenegro.
  • New ASCE members 2018

    Each year more and more cities and cemeteries join our Association in the mission of preserving and promoting Cultural Heritage resting in cemeteries.
  • Enter European cultural heritage resting in cemeteries

    So diverse. So monumental. So colourful. So symbolic. So enlightning. So heroic.
  • The immortals in Staglieno monumental cemetery

    Video presentation of photos by photography master Maurizio Logiacco, part of WDEC 2017 activities in Genoa: Search for the 12 olympians
  • Spettacolo danza staglieno 2016

    A dance from Symbols project was performed at Staglieno cemetery in Genoa, Italy.
  • 15 years of ASCE

    15 years have been invested into raising European citizen awareness of the importance of significant cemeteries. Getting them in touch with the centuries of love, pride and heritage resting in cemeteries.
    From meetings to conferences and into the projects we have developed our association that is now a leading authority on cemeteries in Europe. Hundreds of professionals, researchers and academics from architecture, history, art, management, information technology and other aspects are actively contributing to our mission.
    Engaging in our vision.
    Reflection of our past work
    is as well
    a vision of our future.
    A vision of cemeteries which are visited and explored by locals and tourists. Places, where we relax and discover their stories, our stories and our common heritage. Preserved and protected for centuries to come.
  • New ASCE members 2016

    Each year more and more cities and cemeteries join our Association in the mission of preserving and promoting Cultural Heritage resting in cemeteries.
  • Symbols project behind the scenes video

    Part of the project Symbols [] was a workshop at Dundee and Angus college where dancers and musicians created artistic performances based on works of printmaking workshop in Aviles. They have previously received scanned versions of the prints produced, that were their source of inspiration. During 10 days, the objective was to jointly work to create and/or adapt 10 pieces of music, putting together their different backgrounds and knowledge (i.e. from traditional Celtic folk to Corsican music), and that each piece of music will be accompanied by a dance performance.
  • Entrances to European Cultural Heritage

    All over Europe our Association is a part of various cultures and societies. The entrance to a cemetery is an entry to cultural heritage of that region. It is an entry to European Cultural heritage.
  • New ASCE members 2015

    As each year before, 2015 was marked by new members who joined ASCE. Expanding the knowledge of European cultural heritage resting in cemeteries.
  • Bucharest AGM 2015 invitation video

    Invitation video to AGM 2015 in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Cemetery of Skiathos

    The Cemetery of Skiathos was established in 1835. It is an outdoor museum, that includes unique monuments of the neoclassical period, some of them dedicated to famous Greek authors.
  • Catholic cemetery Dubovac, Karlovac

    Near Karlovac, under the walls of the Old Town Dubovac, which dates from the 12th century, there is the old Catholic cemetery on Dubovac.
  • Coruna Cemetery presentation

    The Cemetery of San Amaro, in A Coruña (Northwest of Spain), a small town of 250.000 inhabitants, reachs this year its 200th anniversary. Although the main tombs were stablished in that place in 1781, the cemetery was oficially opened in 1812. It stands nowadays working being the main cemetery of a village with 2 more public necropolis and a public crematorium (there are also 4 more cemeteries handled by the Church).
  • Annual General Meeting 2013

    On September 18th 2013, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ASCE took place in Amsterdam, Holland. Hosted by The Facultatieve group, it was a lively experience with 85 participants from 15 countries. In 3 days we held the AGM, workshops, visited 2 significant cemeteries and experienced Amsterdam secrets in a boat tour..
  • AGM 2012 invitation video

    At AGM 2011 in Vienna, city of Maribor presented an invitation video to AGM 2012. The video exposed some of the unique details and highlights that members could expect at the event.
  • Get in touch with Maribor

    On September 13th, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place. This time in European Capital of Culture 2012, Maribor. This is the opening video of the AGM.
  • WDEC events at Bellu Cemetery (Bucharest, Romania) 2011, 2012

    Events that took place at the Bellu Cemetery during European Night of Museums 2011 and 2012.
  • Cemeteries: Gardens of Souls, Diversity & Heritage

    Introduction video to EUCEMET photo exhibition titled "European Cemeteries: Gardens of Souls, Diversity & Heritage".
  • Their Story. Our Story.

    Promotional Video of European Cemeteries Route
  • Vienna B&F cemetery management and funeral company

    How do things work at the second largest cemetery in Europe, the Vienna central cemetery? Take a look at some of the unique moments and details of caring for memories.
  • UNWTO Ulysses awards ceremony: Lidija Pliberšek

    On June 2, 2011, Dr. Brent Ritchie handed the UNWTO Ulysses Award to ASCE’s Vice-President, Ms.Lidija Pliberšek, in recognition of its project ‘European Cemeteries Route’.