Summer events at the Bologna Certosa Cemetery

Guided tours organized by Associazione Didasco.

Online Photo Competition | Glasnevin Museum

For the month of June Share your Glasnevin Museum Experience on Twitter #instaglasnevin

Closure of the WDEC 2012 in Rome

The program WDEC 2012 in Rome, organized by AMA Cimiteri Capitolini, hosted 12 guided tours in the Verano Monumental Cemetery

Opening of the Memorial Park Dobrava (Maribor, Slovenia)

The opening ceremony of the Memorial Park Dobrava took place on Wednesday 20th of June 2012.

From June 19th to October 2nd the summer events at the Bologna Certosa cemetery are back

The 2012 summer is now here with a new series of evening walks and events at the Bologna Certosa, transformed into a cemetery in 1801, and that over the centuries has become the largest monumental complex in Bologna.

WDEC: events in Rome, Verano Monumental Cemetery

The programme of the WDEC 2012 in Rome, promoted by AMA-Cimiteri Capitolini, holds several Guided Tours to help you explore the Verano Monumental Cemetery. Find Tour that match your interests, and plan your time during week end on June 9th and 10th.

All tours are free and will start from the “Guided Tours Info Point”, within cemetery, next to the mail entrance, in Verano’s Square.

Further informations on the website

WDEC events calendar

About Verano Monumental Cemetery

On Thursday 7th June meeting at "Il Cassero per la Scultura" museum in Montevarchi

On Thursday 7th June 2012, h. 9.30 pm, Melissa La Maida, Vice President of ASCE, and Roberto Martorelli, scientific curator of Certosa Monumental Cemetery of Bologna, will present the proceedings of ASCE Annual General Meeting held in Verona in 2006 and the activities of the Bolognese cemetery.

The conference will take place at "Il Cassero per la Scultura" museum in Montevarchi, Italy.

Concerto in Memoriam | Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium

“Only music can speak of death.” This quote was the founding thought behind the Concerto in Memoriam in 1994, a memorial concert in Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium’s monumental park, the first crematorium in the Netherlands.

AGM 2012 accomodation

AGM will take place at Hotel City Maribor, where you can make reservations.