Updating ASCE website

We are in a process of renewing the website communications, as well as establishing a simple but comprehensive online presence. One of the main problems in the past was managing the content of the website. Even though it was built on a very good open source system, editing required a lot of work. All the members were also included in a built-in Google map, but were later not added or updated.

As it has proven during past few weeks, this system is also quite hard to transfer from one country to another - not because of technical difficulty, but because of the learning curve in managing the system by the editors.

This problem can not be overridden just by choosing a different content management system, but by also changing the organization behind it and focusing on importance of each aspect of the website.

Therefore we have decided to focus the web communications in future on:
  • Current news, updates and project information
  • Promoting main (core) projects of ASCE
  • Establishing a cemeteries database with dispersed managing
Renewal plan:
  • Establish simple news and updates blog (done)
  • Establish cemeteries database with dispersed managing (end of November)
  • Arranging all together into ASCE designed website (December)
During the process we will send you detailed information on how to simply include your cemeteries into the system and they will be shown in different segments of the website.