Cemetery Nuestra Señora de la Salud (Cordoba, Spain)

The decision by the French authorities, during the Napoleonic occupation of Spanish territory, would live up to the cemetery of Our Lady of Health since the beginning of its construction in 1811, was expanded to take shape in 1833.

Avda. de los Custodios s/n
14014 Cordoba Spain
Tel. +34957 322 125
Tel/Fax: +34957 322 014

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BUS: number 2, 6 and 9
Parking: close to the cemetery: Parking "Centro Histórico"
Opening hours:

From 8:30 h
To : 18:00 h from 4th November to 14th March
19:00 h from 15th March to 13rd April
20:30 h. from 14th April to 2nd October
19:30 h. from 3rd October to 3rd November

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