The Eastern Cemetery in Gothenburg (Gothenburg, Sweden)

The Eastern Cemetery in Gothenburg (Gothenburg, Sweden)
The Eastern Cemetery in Gothenburg was designed by architect J. H. Strömberg and was inaugurated on November 16, 1860.

About the cemetery

The Eastern Cemetery in Gothenburg is located in the parish of Örgryte, in the Diocese of Gothenburg. With an area of 25,3 hectares, and nearly 18.000 graves, it is the third largest graveyard in the city. Including the urns, it is estimated to be the resting place of 150.000 people

Special attention must be paid to the hill on the west side, with its magnificent mausoleums, most of which commemorate notable Gothenburg citizens, whose work and donations helped shape the city. Many of their tombstones and monuments are true works of art.

A Jewish burial site is located at the southern end of the cemetery.


The cemetery was designed by the architect J. H. Strömberg and inaugurated on 16 November 1860 by dean Peter Wieselgren under the name Begravningsplatsen ("The Burial Place"). The first burial took place on 27 February 1861. During the first year of operation, 348 adults and 648 children were buried there, as measles and diphtheria were raging in the city.

The crematory in Gothenburg    

In 1890, the first crematory in Gothenburg was opened, designed by Swedish architect Hans Hedlund. It burned down on 23 December 1920, but was later rebuilt. However, it was closed in 1951, and its functions were taken over by the crematory in the nearby district of Kviberg.

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