Ekshärad Cemetery (Ekshärad, Sweden)

Ekshärad Cemetery (Ekshärad, Sweden)
Ekshärad Cemetery is well known for its graceful and imaginative iron crosses.

About the cemetery

There is a unique heritage preserved at the Ekshärad Cemetery. Over 450 forged iron crosses, most of them from the 1700s and 1800s, are preserved. 

Iron crosses were frequently used in the cemeteries in Värmland until the 1900s, but they were not functional and became outdated so they started to disappear. People started to throw them away or sell them. This happend in Ekshärad Cemetery as well, and for many years their home was on the outside of the cemetery. Luckely, they choose to put the iron crosses back in the 1920s.

*Photo source: www.mapio.net


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