Historic Cemeteries in Gent (Gent, Belgium)

The Western Cemetery  (Gent, Belgium)
Gent, a city of 230.000 inhabitants, has 18 cemeteries on a total surface of 570.000 m², and two of them are beautiful historic 19th century cemeteries.  

The Western Cemetery

The Western Cemetery is a landscaped garden inaugurated in 1873.

It was the first neutral cemetery in Ghent that offered a resting place to all convictions with a complete freedom of choice of the personal tombstone. This results in a big individual diversity integrated in one garden.

Especially in the romantic 19th century people visited this cemetery for a Sunday-stroll and enjoyed the splendour of the monuments and the tranquillity of nature.

More about the cemetery: www.visit.gent.be/campo-santo

The Campo Santo of Sint-Amandsberg

The Campo Santo of Sint-Amandsberg is a 19th century cemetery located on a hill, which is special because of the lowland landscape.

This cemetery dates from 1847 and is a very important burial place for Flemish writers, artists and local nobility

It was inspired by Père Lachaise, the largest cemetery in Paris, and now has more than 131 protected tombs.

More about the cemetery: www.visit.gent.be/western-cemetery


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