The Vienna Central Cemetery (Vienna, Austria)

The Vienna Central Cemetery (Vienna, Austria)
The Vienna Central Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the world by the number of buried.

About the cemetery

It was built in the late XIX century according to the plans of the Frankfurt landscape architects Karl Jonas Mylius and Alfred Friedrich Bluntschli who were awarded for their project "per angusta ad augusta" (from dire to sublime). The layout was designed for a multi-confessional graveyard. A church dedicated to St. Charles Borromeo was then built as designed by Max Hegele, and it opened in 1911.

Important personalities at the cemetery

Vienna is a city of music and the municipality expressed gratitude to composers by granting them monumental tombs. To mention a few: Antonio Salieri, Johann Strauss the older, Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss the younger, Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven, Arnold Schoenberg, etc.

Vienna is also a city of architects (Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffmann are buried here), writers (such as Karl Kraus), politicians (like Julius Raab, who as chancellor signed the state treaty in 1955 and his popular predecessor Leopold Figl who was later to become the Austrian minister of foreign affairs), Bruno Kreisky (the Sun King), Viktor Adler, Otto Bauer,... All of them, and many more, have been laid to rest in graves of honour at the Vienna Central Cemetery.


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