Historical Cemeteries of Poggioreale (Naples, Italy)

Historical Cemeteries of Poggioreale (Naples, Italy)
The Poggioreale cemeterial complex experienced a gradual development since the second half of the XVIII century and now covers approximately fifty hectares of the hill by the same name.

Santa Maria del Popolo Cemetery

The component that markes the beginning of the cemetery infrastructural pattern at Poggioreale is the Cimitero di Santa Maria del Popolo, also known as the "366 graves cemetery". It was designed by Ferdinando Fuga, and built in 1762. The cemetery is of extraordinary relevance, as the only known example with cemeterial "Enlightenment buildings".

Santa Maria del Pianto Cemetery

Another basic element of the cemeterial complex in Poggioreale is the Santa Maria del Pianto Cemetery, with the church by the same name -  a XVII century central-plan building, around which, as early as the plague of 1656, corpses were interred.

Monumental Cemetery of Poggioreale

The Monumental Cemetery is the largest (162,873 sqm), most effective and most imposing. It opened in 1838, after several interruptions and some rethinking. The original plan (1825) was designed by Francesco Maresca. After his death, Luigi Malesci (bridge and road engineer) and Ciro Cuciniello (architect for the Royal House) took over.

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