San Cataldo Cemetery (Modena, Italy)

San Cataldo Cemetery (Modena, Italy)
The cemetery of San Cataldo consists both of an ancient and a modern part.

The ancient cemetery

The ancient part of the San Cataldo Cemetery was carried out by the architect Cesare Costa between 1858 and 1876. It contains a lot of handmade artwork of great value.

The modern cemetey

San Cataldo Cemetery (Modena, Italy) The modern part of the San Cataldo Cemetery was built on the basis of the project by the architect Aldo Rossi. The cemetery of Aldo Rossi is an analogical route through the collective images of the "house of the dead".

The building complex is structured in such a way that it confines a wide green space in the center, further marked by a criss-cross of pedestrian paths. The various buildings run parallel to each other towards the central "vertebral" axis. The rhythmic articulation of the openings, framed by the cold neatness of the surrounding walls are to this day interrupted in counterpoint only by the central cubic element destined for the ossuary which, when the works will be completed, will be in visual balance with the conic tower of the common grave. 

*Photo source: old cemetery, new cemetery

Cemetery contacts

San Cataldo Cemetery
Via San Cataldo
41100 MODENA

Phone: +39 059 334103

Tourist information office

Via Scudari, 12
41100 MODENA

Phone: +39 059 206660
Fax: +39 059 206659