Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego (Santander, Spain)

Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego (Santander, Spain)
The Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego was projected in 1882 by the municipal architect Casimiro Pérez de la Riva to replace the old Necropolis of San Fernando.

About the cemetery

Ciriego developed an articulate space in the central part. It contains a framework of streets that organize the burial space in blocks, in whose interior the land for each proprietor is delimited. 

Casimiro Pérez de la Riva (1851-1934), arrives in Santander after studying at the Architecture School and winning the third medal in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts to occupy the posotion of municipal architect of the city. One of his first works will be this cemetery. In his "Memory about the construction of a new cemetery in Santader", he puts forward the union of the hygienic, legislative and religious principle. The most famous architects, foremen and marble workers in the region like Manuel Casuso Hoyo, Valentín Ramón Casalís, Miguel Doncel, Alfredo de la Escalera or Emilio de la Torriente will work in the graveyard. Their creations are representative of the architectonic typologiers coming from the contemporany funerary world at the moment in Spain. An ensemble that De la Riva defined like: "a marvellous museum of historic and artistic monuments" was created.

The different repairs that the cemetery has undertaken throughout the last century have been made by some of the main municipal architects in the city. Some of them previously mentioned such as Valentín Casalís in 1900; Javier G De Riancho in 1933; contractors like Manuel Ruiz Lanza in 1944 and Miguel Saiz de Cubria in 1927- that developed the access to the enclosure.

Since 1991, the cemetery management is under the Society Garden of Cantabria.


Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego
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