Bologna Certosa. The shapes of the past, the discovery of the present

Giacomo de Maria, Marte, Palazzo Hercolani, Bologna
The Museum of the Risorgimento of Bologna and Genus Bononiae - Musei nella città, organize six events, part of the series "The Bologna Certosa.
The shapes of the past, the discovery of the present". The aim is to offer visibility to the renewed agreement between the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna, the objective being the demanding study, restoration and enhancement project for the Certosa, the largest town artistic complex. It started off as an Etruscan necropolis, then it became a Carthusian monastery, and finally a monumental cemetery: the Certosa has featured over two thousand years of history of Bologna.

After an initial three-year funding, started in 2009, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna have actually renewed the mutual collaboration to continue with the cemetery enhancement project, and most of all, to start new restoration activities of a few monumental tombs. 

The series of six events, that will take place between September 18th, 2012 and January 15th, 2013, is also aimed at providing information about the extensive maintenance restoration, publication, concert, guided tour and exhibition programme that have been carried out so far, and at presenting new research, discoveries and programmes for the future.

Free entrance for all events. No booking is required.

Here follows the complete programme:

Tuesday, September 18th, 6 p.m.

    3D models and on-line databases. Public access and knowledge dissemination
    Fondazione CaRisBo (Casa Saraceni), via Farini 15

    Antonella Guidazzoli and Roberto Martorelli illustrate the complex digital project that involved Genus Bononiae - Musei nella città and the Certosa, with significant impacts both on the dissemination of information on the local history, and on the rediscovery of XIX and XX century artists and works.

    Tuesday, October 9th, 6 p.m
      Jacobin and neoclassical Bologna. Sculptures by Giacomo de Maria and followers at the Certosa and elsewhere
      Fondazione CaRisBo (Casa Saraceni), via Farini 15

      Eugenio Riccòmini and Antonella Mampieri analyse a crucial moment of the history, society and art in Bologna, at the end of the XVIII century, between the final gleams of baroque and the arrival of the neoclassical culture. The transformation of the Certosa into a magnificent monumental cemetery is an exemplary case to understand these changes in taste and culture.

      Tuesday, November 6th, 6 p.m.
        Biography of an Italian XIX century necropolis: the Bologna Certosa
        Fondazione CaRisBo (Casa Saraceni), via Farini 15


        Launch of the book (published by Il Mulino) that sees the light after four years of archival research on previously unpublished documents: it is the first attempt, among the studies on XIX century European cemeteries, to reconstruct the activity of a modern necropolis in its entirety and for a time period covering over a century. The author, Gian Marco Vidor, will be joined in the discussion by Marzio Barbagli and Mauro Felicori.

        Tuesday, November 27th, 6 p.m.
          The Bologna sculptors: local reality and national comparison
          Fondazione CaRisBo (Casa Saraceni), via Farini 15 

          Mauro Mazzali and Alfonso Panzetta propose an overview of XIX Bologna sculpture, starting from the Bologna Fine Arts Academy and the Certosa: they are fundamental places of the town plastic culture and pillars supporting the national cultural dialogue.

          Tuesday, December 11th, 6 p.m.
            Bartolomeo Cesi and painting at the Certosa between XVI and XVII centuries
            Fondazione CaRisBo (Casa Saraceni), via Farini 15


            The Bologna Carthusian monks commissioned Bartolomeo Cesi to create a huge decoration system of frescoes and paintings, between the end of the XVI century and the beginning of the XVII century. Vera Fortunati and Armanda Pellicciari analyse one of the key figures of Bologna painting, through the restoration works that have already taken place and those in the pipeline.

            Tuesday, January 15th, 5,30 p.m.
              Restoration works at the Certosa. Studies, recoveries, discoveries
              Museo civico del Risorgimento, Piazza Carducci 5

              The recent restoration campaign has made it possible to both recover paintings and sculptures, and to further analyse different aspects of local art and history. Leonardo Marinelli, Roberto Martorelli and Elena Rossoni will go over the salient moments of this compelling path.

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