Cemetery of La Carriona (Aviles, Spain)

Cemetery of La Carriona (Aviles, Spain)
Cemetery of La Carriona was inaugurated in 1890 and designed by the municipal architect Ricardo Marcos Bausá, who later on worked on the project of Ciudad Lineal in Madrid (Spain).

About the cemetery

This cemetery contains an important artistic heritage that is mostly related to the prosperity of a village closely linked to Cuba, where a large number of Indianos, Asturian migrants, made their fortunes. This site contains works of art made by several leading artists, such as Manuel del Busto, Faustino Nicoli, Gargallo, Cipriano Folgueras, Federico Ureña, Fernández Cueto, etc.

Some of the heritage resources worth to be highlighted include important hypogea (an underground chamber) and sculptural works, such as those of families Marqués de San Juan de Nieva, Marqués de Teverga, Castro, Zaldúa Carbajal, María Suárez, Bonifacio Heres and the family of the most important local writer, Armando Palacio Valdés. This set of resources is located in the surroundings of the main avenue at the entrance of the cemetery. The Greek cross chapel, design by Ricardo Marcos Bausá, is also remarkable.

*Photo source: www.es.wikipedia.org


Cemetery of La Carriona
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