Cemetery of San Amaro (A Coruña, Spain)

Cemetery of San Amaro (A Coruña, Spain)
The Cemetery of San Amaro, in A Coruña (Northwest of Spain), a small town of 250.000 inhabitants, has already celebrated more than 200 years of existence.

About the cemetery

Although the main tombs were established in that place already in 1781, the cemetery was oficially opened in 1812. It stands nowadays as the main cemetery of this small village with 2 more public necropolis and a public crematorium (there are also 4 more cemeteries handled by the Church).

It’s structured in three areas (civil, religious and british) and facing the sea. 200 of its 20.000 graves belong to distinguished painters, writers, politicians, local heroes, aristocracy and businessmen who have been buried there in the past two centuries along. The main entrance and chapel are one of the most beautiful examples of neoclasic style in that part of Spain.

A protected heritage site

Some of it’s elements are protected according to spanish heritage laws and a part of the council budget is reserved every year to preserve it.

In fact, for the next years there’s a Renewal Planning (Plan Director) for changing the cemetery paviment, increasing seriously the green area, renewing the furnishing and improving the accesses for handicapped people.

In the other hand, guided tours will be restablished getting better signs elements for helping visitors to see all the prominent vaults and monuments.

Cemetery stories

Between the cemetery walls are hidden many “curious stories” as that one of the child Juan Darriba, local hero for saving a woman who was drowing in the beach, losing himself its life. He was 11 and from his death it’s grave has fresh flowers each year brougth still by the descendants of that women. 

Or the issue that the younger sister of Picasso was buried here when she died of difteria during the 4 years Picasso’s family lived in town. 

There were also rests of some German soldiers found dead during the First and Second World War.


Cemetery of San Amaro
Orillamar street s / n,
Bj. 15002 A Coruña,


Phone: +34 981 189 825     
Website: www.coruna.es

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00