Eastern Cemetery (Innsbruck, Austria)

Eastern Cemetery (Innsbruck, Austria)
Today, Eastern Cemetery covers an area of approximately 67.700 m2.

About the cemetery

The Eastern Cemetery was built according to the plans of Eduard Klingler between 1912 and 1913

In November 1915 new burial grounds for fallen soldiers were built beyond the cemetery walls to the south and west, and in 1930 these were integrated into the Eastern Cemetery in Pradl.

In 1985 the cemetery was expanded generously towards the southwest with a new sector (Eastern Cemetery 2). The consecration hall is decorated with Nazarene paintings and a painted coffered ceiling.

The soldiers' chapel, which is located in the south of the cemetery, was built in 1916 according to the plans of Theodor Prachensky.

Some of the other important gravesites are:
  • Grave of the lonely - used for the burial of single people or those who want an anonymous grave.
  • Children's field - used for the burial of babies and small children.
  • The bomb victims' grave - contains the remains of 108 victims of air raids in World War II.
  • The anatomy monument - memorial to the persons who donated their bodies to the medical and scientific purposes.

*Photo source: www.wikipedia.org

Cemetery Address

Kaufmannstraße 1 (old part)
Wiesengasse 100 (new part)

Cemetery opening hours

November to February: 7.30 - 17.00
March to October: 7.30 - 18.00
April to September: 7.30 - 19:00

Administration Contacts

Kaufmannstraße 1

Tel.: 0512/5360-7145