The restoration of the Polish Cemetery in Bologna is completed

The Cemetery reminds 1,400 soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps armed fell in 1944 for the Liberation of Bologna and Europe from fascism.

The cemetery was created on initiative of the commander of the Polish 2nd Corps Major-General W. Anders. It was constructed from 1 July 1946 to 15 December 1946 by soldiers of 10th Sapper Battalion of the Polish 2nd Corps with the help of Italian stone-cutters and designed by Z. Majewski, second lieutenant, engineer and architect. On 12 October 1946 the cemetery was consecrated by clergymen of all religions led by Józef Gawlina, Field Bishop of the Polish Armed Forces in the presence of Major-General W. Anders.

Between 1962 and 1965 it was renovated due to efforts of General W. Anders and Captain Jan Jaworski from Turin and in the years of 1969-1972 thanks to Association of Polish Veterans in Canada.
At present the cemetery is managed by the Italian General Commissariat for the Memory of Killed in War (Commissariato Generale per le Onoranze ai Caduti in Guerra).

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