European Peace Graves: call

Participate in our project.
On Monday March 3rd our Association will submit a form for co-financing of the project European Peace Graves to European Commission programme EUROPE FOR CITIZENS.

Within project we will try to prepare special events within WDEC 2016 which will be related to the content of the project (read in the document in the link above).

If you as a member of ASCE are interested in being part of these events and are ready to co-finance by yourself, please send an email to our administrative contacts or secretariat by Monday. Describe shortly:

  • your vision within the project
  • what kind of events you could prepare (exhibition, guided tour, lectures)
  • how many visitors (participants) you expect at your events
  • what are your PR and media capabilities and experiences (do you cooperate normally with journalists and other professionals that can help you achieve recognition of the project)
Please note that participation is possible only for the members of ASCE.

Project is co-financed by EC in varying amounts. All details will be known to participants after approval.