AGM 2016 accomodation and directions

Reserve yourself  a place to stay in Dublin.

This year's AGM is scheduled for 6th, 7th and 8th of October and is going to take place at Dublin Castle and Glasnevin Cemetery.

Detailed map of how to reach the Dublin castle is available at this link. Conference is taking place in Georges Hall in the West Range Suite of conference rooms. There will be a member of the castle staff to direct ASCE members to the entrance to the conference. You can check the position of the hall up in front at this page.

Our host, the Glasnevin cemetery, has 124 acres and 1.5 million burials, and they are a prime example of what ASCE stands for.

Dublin is beautiful and big city. To enjoy your visit, our host prepared some transport directions and maps. Keep in mind that taxis in Dublin are quite expensive so in the provided directions you have the appropriate buses you should take to reach your destination.

To help you get around Dublin, we have as well prepared a short guide to AGM 2016 (will be updated in following weeks). It includes the most important points of event and recommended hotels.