Mélodie, the Mourner (Jérôme Sbranna)

This took place on June 26th in the Northern Cemetery of Rennes, and attracted about 100 visitors. The Lysandore company led a commented walk in the very heart of this outdoor museum, with a lot of music, poetry, emotion and smiles ! 

Anthanagor, fictitious attendant, welcomed and shared with many curious visitors amazing stories about few unknown people who lie in the Northern Cemetery. In front of an amused audience, he told stories about the twin sisters’trap,  the unfortunate Pierre who was killed twice coincidentally, Antoine and his two left feet, Jeannine Lesper, the whisperer grave, and also the phantom burial that moves enigmatically... Walking through the paths, visitors enjoyed contemplating and listening the beautiful mourner, with her mysterious music and her « ball contact » performance,  under the wondering eyes, in a pure lyrical moment.
                This timeless and funny walk ended with the following message: the dead have left their lives’ mark in the cemeteries, making them unique places.  This walk was an opportunity to remember and never forget that graves are much more places dedicated to life than death.   

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Anthanagor and the audience  (Nathalie Bidan)

Anthanagor and the audience (Nathalie Bidan)

Anthanagor (Jérôme Sbranna)