Looking for archidevils and satans' symbols

New tour in the Monumental of Turin 

These itineraries, designed and conducted by Raffaele Palma for C.A.U.S. Humorous and satirical arts center, are reserved for professional artists: illustrators, designers and painters.
"The artists will aim to draw en plein air the works of the great masters who depicted on funerary monuments and paintings King of Darkness in its many transformations. In fact Beelzebub in the Monumental Cemetery of Turin, appears in various forms, disturbing and defiant as ever, ready to steal the souls and bodies but portrait most often under the thumb of the Good. The sensitivity of the masters of the past who adorned with their works the graves of our major funerary field, Lucifer is portrayed in its most classic metamorphosis creature half reptile and half bull, or Mephistopheles mask or fearsome snake. In other transformations, the demon of the Monumental become dragon, octopus, bat, mythological monster, insidious tempter and mower murderess." R.Palma

The visits are scheduled for :
Monday 22 and  29 august
Monday 5 september
starting at 8:30
 from Corso Novara 131/A
Monumental cemetery of Turin

For more information contact:  arte-storia@cimiteritorino.it