AGM 2016 report

On October 6th, the Annual General Meeting took place at Dublin castle, Dublin.

With 118 participants at the meeting and conference, event was a great success in terms of knowledge and ideas exchanged.

In 3 days we held AGM and conference and experienced traditional Irish hospitality of our friendly hosts.

Thanks to presidency, steering committee and exceptional organizational efforts of our host, the Glasnevin Trust, all the participants could have developed new ideas.

AGM was preceeded by Lidija Pliberšek, president of ASCE and all steering committee members were present or forwarded their votes to other members. During the AGM several things were outlined and discussed:

1. Financial report for 2015. A very well balanced finances statement provides secure future for general work of ASCE. Surplus of previous years is notable in financial assets of ASCE.

2. ASCE communications efforts were outlined with focus on ASCE 15 years and new ASCE presentation booklet created for this opportunity.

Members can download a full printable version of this booklet for their own promotional intentions on this link.

Besides the booklet a special video for the conference was created which can be seen below.

3. Developments on European Cemeteries route were presented

Within last year members of European Cemeteries route were offered an option to download automatic leaflets for their cemetery in relationship with points presented on the route website. These leaflets can be sent directly to the print shop which reduces the costs of design.

In spring of 2017 a special workshop will be organized for the members of the European Cemeteries route with following program:

  • creating cemeteries guides
  • using marketing materials
  • other promotional and organizational aspects of tourism in cemeteries
4. Symbols project results were presented. In recent years ASCE participated as a partner without budget in the Symbols project, one of the best projects in current EU funded program Culture. Many useful results from the project will be available for ASCE and Cemeteries route members in following years.

5. Week of Discovering European Cemeteries leaves much impact in international audience and this is visible even in search trends across globe. This year members increased their activities and in further years we want to establish even more common communications regarding this project.

6. Let's see ASCE (Cemetery entrances) project continues and 25 cemeteries already joined in the new video. All members are invited to send us their photos as described in the project description.

7. New members of ASCE and their Significant cemeteries were presented. Expanding the knowledge:

8. Andreea Pop, ASCE scientific representative presented plans and ideas for future work in scientific pool of our association. Emphasis were about the role of representative, coordination of Editorial boards of conferences, extending researchers network and bibliography. All interested researchers may contact representative on

9. Charter changes were presented by dr Markus Pinter. Members voted to confirm for charter changes with all participating members agreed on the changes. Final version of the charter will be uploaded to the website as it is confirmed by legal entities in Italy.

AGM 2016 provided insight into many developments within ASCE in recent years. Projects and our daily work are bringing together many resources on our common quest of preserving and promoting cultural heritage in cemeteries.

The conference and side events organized by Glasnevin trust provided many additional insights into history and future of cemeteries and thus helped participants understand a broader picture on possible new strategies.

Photos from the event are provided in this album.