Cemetery of Mortorino

The ancient cemetery is halfway between a burial ground and a temple.

Built in 1765 by Vincenzo Ghisalberti, rector of the church, it is delimited by a side-wall with only two windows with wrought-iron grating. The inner space is square-shaped and it is surrounded by a four-sided portico with five spans each side. It is a symmetrical and harmonious environment and the walls are magnificently decorated with the fourteen Stations of the Cross, due to Giovanni Battista Ronchelli, a painter from Varese. It is a place where faith, art and pify can find a perfect harmony.

The art historian Mario Marubbi says that in 1684 Count Giorgio Pallavicino Triulzio donated a plot next to the church to be destined for a cemetery. About a century later the rector of the church Vincenzo Ghisalberti decided to get a four-sided portico built on the plot and to have a fresco of Via Crucis (1767) that was similar to Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Codogno. Under the main altar there is also a fresco reproducing Saint Fiorano and the souls in Purgatory.
The ancient cemetery is halfway between a burial ground and a temple. It is a symmetrical environment, harmonious and magnificently decorated where faith, art and pity can find a perfect harmony. Pictures are attributed to Gian Battista Ronchelli, a painter from Varese. Beside the entrance a name can be read, Cannon Cavalier that could be the architect's name. During 1859 the Austrian troops stayed there and seriously damaged the site. In 1883 pictures of via Crucis, gift of Luigia Sfondini, were saved in parish church.
In 1986, on demand of broadsheets, it began the restoration. Those pictures needed more than one painter and Ronchelli's style appears evident in central figures. Faces are deeply expressive-and sculpted by the light; some lines call Tiziano to mind with pictures made of three figures and the last painting reminds of Michelangelo's “Pietà”.


Cemetery of Mortorino
Via Giorgio Pallavicino 1
26848 San Fiorano (LO)


Comune di San Fiorano
Piazza Roma 1
26848 San Fiorano (LO)
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