Award for Symbols project artists

Two art students, Tamara Hršak and Laura Koder, received prestigious award called Perlach’s recognition for their participation within project Symbols.

Tamara and Laura, under the supervision of Samuel Grajfoner, the professor at Faculty of Education, University of Maribor, were invited by Lidija Pliberšek, CEO of Pogrebno podjetje Maribor and president of the Association of significant Cemeteries Europe, to join and contribute to the project.

Project Symbols had a goal to find common symbols in the cemeteries of Europe and expose them through different artistic creations.

Within artistic residence in Aviles Tamara and Laura created 4 graphics that were a part of exhibitions shown in project partner's cities in 2016. Their artistic interpretations are presented within various related symbols descriptions as for an example in the case of harp.

University of Maribor awards students with Perlach Acknowledgement for their individual and team work, such as exquisite papers, patents, monographs, research and development work, achievements in competitions and conferences, etc.

On January 25, the rector of University of Maribor, professor Igor Tičar gave out various awards to University employees and students. All the best achievements in the past year were recognised. Tamara and Laura received the award for outstanding work within the Symbols project.