Turin (Italy) Opening Ceremony for the memorial of G.B.CEIRANO and his brothers

Torino (Italy) "Discover the immortals" The precursors of locomotion: CEIRANO 


Friday, June 9, 2017 - at 3.30 pm Corso Novara, 135 Torino
A monument to remember Giovanni Battista Ceirano and  his brothers Giovanni and Matteo. They were pioneers and promoters of the Italian Automotive Industry. Constructors in Turin between 1894 and 1944.
The inauguration has the patronage of: 
City of Turin, Piedmont Region, Turin Automobile Museum, Turin Chamber of Commerce, Circolo degli Artisti, Automobil Club of Turin.
Continuing the European Week devoted to discovering the immortals, Torino has organized an important event to remind three men who have made the story of locomotion.