WDEC 2017 - Museum Night at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

The New Cemetery in Belgrade announced WDEC with traditional participation in Museum Night

In order to dispel prejudices, raise awareness and promote the funerary heritage as an integrative urban space and vital area that lives and pulsates following the habits of the residents of the city, Public Communal Company “Funeral Services” put great efforts into activities that promote the fascinating heritage of the New Cemetery in Belgrade. Our wish for providing visitors an authentic experience keeps us traditionally involved in programs of Museum Night to our great satisfaction and much to visitor’s delight.

This enjoyable event in May gives the public an unusual and fun chance to discover the treasures housed in the museums announcing the subsequent Week of Discovering European Cemeteries. Thus being in so many ways an extraordinary Open Air Museum, the New Cemetery in Belgrade for the fifth time in a row took part in Museum Night and we are proud to say that once again our wisely guided night tours hit the record in high interest of the demanding visitors.

The 14th edition of Museum Night in Serbia was held on 20 May 2017 under the slogan “Great and Small Revolutions”. This year the guided night walks at the New Cemetery were titled The Alleys of Eternity. In a specific atmosphere of the night walks around two thousand visitors were conducted in small groups by the chosen talented students of the faculties of Literature and Art History of Belgrade University.
The selected itinerary included visits to the graves of famous and forgotten military leaders, statesmen, writers, scientists, actors and other artists who contributed immensely to our culture and city spirit. Our guides evoked memories to their turbulent lives, friendships, hardships, unrequited love and all of those small revolutions that make them distinguished and memory worth it. The gates of the New cemetery in Belgrade remained opened late until midnight and among the 67 attractive locations in Belgrade, the New Cemetery was again at the very top locations by the number of people interested in visiting proving once more that this urban complex of great beauty deserves attention of tourism and heritage promoters as a promising venue.