Cemetery agli Allori (Florence, Italy)

Cemetery agli Allori (Florence, Italy)
The Cemetery agli Allori is located just outside Florence and is an extraordinary place where you have the opportunity to experience unique art and history.

About the cemetery

Opened in February 1860, the Cemetery agli Allori was established for non-Catholic communities, which until then had as their reference the English Cemetery in Piazzale Donatello, also in Florence, but since 1970, it was open to all religions and beliefs.

There are numerous important characters that rest in this monumental cemetery (which can be considered a real open-air museum) - from Frederick Stibbert, a well-known British art collector, to the Italian writer Oriana Fallaci.

To enhance and protect this heritage, the Cemetery agli Allori became a member of ASCE, the European association that unites all the most important cemeteries in Europe.


Cemetery agli Allori
Via Senese, 184,
50124 Firenze FI


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Website: www.cimiteroevangelicoallori.it