Evolution of Cremation, Ecology, Ethics and Solidarity – International Conference in Belgrade (Serbia)

Two- days international conference entitled „Evolution of Cremation, Ecology, Ethics and Solidarity“ was held in Belgrade form October 17 to October 18,  2019. The conference was organized by the Cremationists Association “Oganj”, under the auspices of the European Cremationists Association (Union Crématiste Européen) and was devoted to 104-years anniversary of the Cremationists Association „Oganj“ and 55 years from establishing of the first crematorium in Belgrade (Serbia).
The first day of conference was reserved for speeches and presentations. The participants were first welcomed by Ms Grozdana Banac on behalf of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia. This was followed by the introductory address of the President of the European Cremationists Association, Mr. Maurice Tore. In continuation, the participants were able to hear presentations of cremationists from France, Belgium and Italy, including representative of the Gem Matthews International Company, which is dong business all over the world and is involved in manufacturing of cremators, filtration system and related solutions intended to enable „smart“ and environmentally sound cremation process. In the course of the second session the participates were addressed by Dragan Baltovski, General Manager of the Public Utility Company „Funeral Services“,  Silvano Urciuoli, General Manager of „Sofia Crematoriums“ from Bulgaria and Aleksandra Pavicevic, scientific consultant (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ethnographic Institute), author of the publication “Fiery bodies. Burning Dead in Serbia: From Pagan Ritual to Modern Cremation”.
During the second day of the conference, i.e., October 18,2019, the participants visited the New Cemetery in Belgrade, which was followed by successful and informative visit to the crematorium at Lesce Cemetery. The second day of conference was concluded by the visit to the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia.