Open History Classes Week - at the New Cemetery in Belgrade (Serbia)

In the week preceding the Remembrance Day Commemorations, the New Cemetery in Belgrade will host an extraordinary educational event involving high school students. Namely, in the period between November 4 and 8, 2019, daily opened history classes will be organized for freshmen and senior classes of the Contemporary Grammar School of Belgrade.   
Exploring the history of the New Cemetery in Belgrade, since its beginnings to the present day, the students will be introduced to funerary culture and importance of preserving both tangible and intangible heritage by our colleague, art-historian, who specialized in guided walks for younger population.
In a view of the upcoming commemoration of the WWI Armistice and in line with the local high school history curriculum, the students will visit WWI related locations at the New Cemetery in Belgrade, with a special focus on the WWI Serbian Ossuary of Belgrade Defenders, where the students will be able to enter the crypt beneath the monument. In addition, the students will learn about the principles and values European Cemeteries Route and ASCE are striving to promote.