Project: Reviving Maribor legends

Edvard Glaser
The aim of the project is to discover and revive some outstanding personalities that rest at Maribor cemeteries and in doing so include the students of local schools.

The legends from Maribor

Outstanding achievements, passion and the unstoppable will are the characteristics of some of the historical figures of the city of Maribor. People would often describe them with the phrase "He was a legend.". With this expression, they would want to go beyond the usual descriptions like "He was great.", "He was really good.", "He was outstanding.".

"To be a legend" in slang means to be extraordinary, but at the same time something more. Almost incomparable to others due to some of their characteristics that stood out in the context of their life period.

Today, many of those great personalities rest at the Pobrežje Cemetery, and the aim of the project "Reviving Maribor legends" is to discover and revive them by including the students of local schools. The project initiator is Pogrebno podjetje Maribor.

So far, two paths were created at Pobrežje Cemetery as part of the project - Reviving sports legends and Reviving medical legends of Maribor.

Reviving Maribor sports legends

Josip Primožič - Tošo

Usually humble, kind, funny, full of strength and eternal romantic. His life path was closely intertwined with his love for gymnastics, fine arts and, above all, his family.

Josip Primožič - Tošo was a gymnastic legend of Maribor, who was presented for the first time as part of the Symbols project.

In 2018, a cultural day for the Drago Kobal primary school was held at the Pobrežje Cemetery, and while exploring the cemetery, we found that the teachers and elementary school students of this school had done a thorough research on Josip Primožič and collected a lot of material about him and his life.

The importance and interestingness of his life path convinced us to revive this legend together as part of the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries 2018.

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Reviving Maribor medical legends

Dr. Klara Kukovec

Dr. Klara Kukovec - the doctor who immigrated to Maribor from Ukraine. She was the first woman with a private medical practice in Maribor and overall an important personality of her time with many achievements to point out.

On September 27, 2019, a special tour was held at Pobrežje Cemetery, which included:

      • Presentation of the life story of dr. Klara Kukovec through a theatrical performance by the students of Drago Kobal primary school.
  • Opening of a documentary photography exhibition about Klara Kukovec in front of the chapel in the southern part of the Pobrežje Cemetery.
  • A guided walk through Pobrežje Cemetery, following the "path of dr. Klara Kukovec".  Students of Drago Kobal primary school took on the role of cemetery guides with the help of the mobile guide ARtour.
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