Successful season at the New Cemetery in Belgrade (Serbia) concluded by another open history class

This year’s exceptionally successful season of guided tours and numerous cultural events at the New Cemetery in Belgrade, was finalized by another open history and literature class, participated by the 8th graders of the Belgrade Elementary School „Dr. Vladislav Ribnikar“.  The visit was organized upon the request of the school’s history and literature teachers. Our young visitors – many of whom never visited a cemetery before - were amazed by the number and importance of the individuals laid to rest at New Cemetery in Belgrade. The focus was WWI local history heroes, in addition to the significant authors and poets, in line with the current literary curriculum.

Our guests demonstrated an exceptional knowledge and interest in history and literature, so we were privileged to hear an emotional presentation of a poem „Bright graves“, written by the famous local romantic poet (Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj), several years after passing of his dear friend and fellow romantic poet (Djura Jaksic), who was laid to rest at the New Cemetery in Belgrade. 

 In sync with romantic notions, the poem referred to the creative connection between the generations and indestructibility of life ideals through the concordance of life and death. The students were able to learn about the history of the New Cemetery in Belgrade, life stories of significant individuals and importance of tangible and intangible heritage through the intriguing stories of our colleague, Ms. Snezana Krstanovski - art-historian, specialized in guided walks for younger population