Virtual and mobile app visit to Žale cemetery in Ljubljana during WDEC 2020

On the occasion of this year's Week of Discovering European Cemeteries, we will present the Žale cemetery to visitors a little differently than in previous years due to the emergency caused by the new COVID-19 virus, namely in virtual form. There are two free mobile tour guides in ARTOUR: a mobile guide Plečnik's Žale - the Garden of All Saints and a mobile guide Park of Peace - Žale Cemetery, which has three thematic clusters.

With the help of a smartphone and a mobile guide, you will be able to walk peacefully and safely to the graves of the greatest Slovenian writers, poets, actors and military cemeteries.

You can install the application on the Google play page or the ARtour website. The application will use the navigation device (GPS) in the smartphone to find out where you are and offer the relevant content. A map, your location, all information points and especially points in the immediate vicinity will be displayed. The application will guide you from point to point and automatically display information - a photo and wider text - at each point.

The website of ŽALE, d.o.o. also offers a virtual tour of the Žale cemetery and the remaining 17 cemeteries managed by our company. A virtual tour of Plečnik's Žale also shows the interior of the mortuaries, with the help of a visor also in the virtual reality VR. The visualization is shown in the latest 360° technology. With very high resolution, it allows for interactive remote viewing, even in more detail than if you were an on-site observer.

Due to its high cultural-historical and artistic value, the Žale cemetery is one of the most beautiful European cemeteries, a real the open-air museum. As a cultural heritage, cemeteries are an important part of our history and art.

You are cordially welcome.