WDEC 2020 with a digital journey book dedicated to the guardians of cemeteries

Let’s remember together.
Each year, Significant cemeteries across Europe organise events and activities within 1 week, to raise European citizens' awareness of the importance of cemeteries. Exhibitions, concerts, guided tours, seminars, workshops and other activities take place. The week normally took place at the end of May.

Event known as Week of Discovering European Cemeteries is organised under the umbrella of Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe. ASCE is the European network comprising those public and private organisations which care for cemeteries considered to be of historical or artistic importance. ASCE in a not-for-profit organisation with a clear and global character.

In 2020, for the first time ASCE decided to not encourage visits and events at the cemeteries. Rather, to recognise the efforts of people who work at and for the cemeteries each day even in uncertainty of pandemic times, a photo exhibition of European Cemeteries was prepared. In a format of a digital journey book it allows European citizens to enjoy, understand and comprehend the value of cemeteries and the passion of their guardians.

Let’s remember together is a digital journey dedicated to all the guardians of European cemeteries. People who create an unforgettable experience along the paths of European cultural heritage. People who take care of the memories, written in the cemeteries.

They strengthen the ties between society and the past. They discover memories hidden in cemeteries. Symbols. Letters. They make sure that our encounter with memories of life is filled with inspiration and knowledge.

Even in the times of uncertainty we have just passed this year, they stood besides and continued working on our joint mission with passion and dedication. Thousands of guardians, from creative florists to passionate researchers, storytelling guides to dedicated managers, help in preserving and protecting European heritage, resting in cemeteries.

Journey consists of various photos taken by professional photographers at significant cemeteries around Europe, accompanied by thoughts of existence. Focusing on preserved details, spring, life or mysterious lighting effects, this journey unveils diversity of heritage at European cemeteries while on the other hand the importance of its protection. Exposing the work being done by the guardians of cemeteries.

Week of Discovering European Cemeteries 2020 takes place online between May 25th and June 7th. To help us work on our mission of preserving and promoting cultural heritage resting in cemeteries, we encourage you to share this press release and the journey within your media channels.
Exhibition site: https://online.fliphtml5.com/ialuo/uijn/