WDEC 2020 in Bologna, Italy (25-31 May)

On the occasion of the Week of Discovering European cemeteries (WDEC) 2020 at Certosa Monumental Cemetery of Bologna, Italy, the Museo civico del Risorgimento offers people an extraordinary program of “events”, for non-ordinary times.
With the #UnMinutoInCertosa initiative, visitors are invited to take a walk inside the cemetery and to post a photo or a one-minute video on their Facebook profiles, with a reflection about the monumental cemetery as a place of art, history and memory.

Through Una passeggiata nell'eternità (A walk in eternity) on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 May, a special route - to be carried out independently - is available, starting from some simple memories to the masterpieces of the cemetery. A map will be available on the museum's website or on the museum’s Facebook page.

At each stop a short text will give some details about the monument and will allow visitors to deepen through QR codes related to the website Storia e Memoria di Bologna and to the ArTour app.

Every day, starting from 8 pm, a scheduled programme of Facebook live videos will allow people to discover books, stories, past events and much more related to the Bolognese cemetery and to make a virtual walk inside the largest monument in town.

On Sunday 31 May, starting from 6.30 pm, Melissa La Maida, vice president of ASCE, will present Gardens of soul, a virtual overview of the activities of the Association and on the importance of preserving memories and the historical heritage of European cemeteries.

More info: www.museibologna.it/risorgimento (Italian only)