Oldest vine in the world planted at Maribor's Pobrežje cemetery

Oldest vine in the world planted at Maribor's Pobrežje cemetery
Symbol of fertility and new life, strong connection to the Maribor's region cultural heritage is now living within Pobrežje cemetery.

News about the new continent discovered by Christopher Columbus was still discussed among people as some unknown Maribor’s lower town resident planted vine in front of his house. River Drava wildly observed the moment and for the rest of the 500 years protected and challenged this plant. (as explained by BigGuy's wine tours)

Story of the oldest vine in the world is as wild and fierce as it is calm and special. Her connection to the town of Maribor is unique, pristine and emotional. For hundreds of years she was following and patiently absorbing the small jewels of love and painful moments of loss in the destiny of the people of Maribor.

Thus it is only right and correct that she follows them in their last journey, resting and sleeping together with them. Gently bringing new life to the earth from the soil of Pobrežje cemetery.

Planting the descandant during WDEC 2020

Stane Kocutar, the caretaker of the oldest vine in the world supervised and helped planting the descandant of the oldest vine in the world at Pobrežje cemetery in Maribor on June 3rd 2020. Accompanied by press, employees and partners of Maribor funeral company (Pogrebno podjetje Maribor), the president of ASCE mrs Lidija Pliberšek helped the vine planting.

While the event was closed for public due to virus spread prevention recommendations, the news abuot this Week of Discovering European Cemeteries was accepted well by press and thus raised lots of publicity in the town and region.

European cemeteries are now richer for another attraction promoting life, stories, nature and cultural heritage.