WDEC 2020 - Italy:the Republic of the Constitution - Cerimony in Turin

Monumental Cemetery of Turin 
From the Roots, the Rebirth!

The social marathon of the ANPI on the Constitution and 21 roses for the women who wrote it.

Have a look at these photos of the cerimony

Who were Rita Montagnana, Teresa Noce and Angiola Minella.

Rita Montagnana was 16 when she participated in the first strikes in 46, she married Palmiro Togliatti secretary of the Communist Party.
She herself told the newspapers of the time
"The seamstress strike: how Rita Montagnana became a communist".
I entered the Socialist party in 1915 with great scandal to all my wealthy and petty-bourgeois relatives, I attended the rallies, demonstrations, parades, meetings. I began to read and study our great teachers only later: there were no party schools then where young people could receive, as now, the first elements of political culture. "

Teresa Noce national and international militant activist from the first workers' struggles in Turin, France and Spain. Partisan in France captured was deported to Germany. Luigi Longo's wife deputy commander of the Volunteer Corps of Freedom, after the war secretary of the communist party from 1964 to 1972, successor of Togliatti.

Angiola Minella partisan of her wrote:
"... Angiola is very young, born in Turin in 1920, partisan, graduate, married, teacher, member of the UDI National Council, municipal councilor of Savona, communist deputy to the Constituent Assembly, she is candidate of Savona on the list of the Democratic Front for the Chamber of Deputies. It will bring you the voice common to all women, of every religious faith and every political idea, in defense of peace and its values. "