City Cemetery Škaljari

City Cemetery Škaljari
As a clearly defined spatial unit with a series of individual graves, tombs and accompanying sacral buildings and recognizable landscaping of the cemetery with cypresses planted in 1872.year , Škaljari cemetery is a significant cultural and historical monument of great importance for understanding the past of the inhabitants of Kotor and beyond.
In Kotor, where different ethnic, national and religious communities lived during the past, the Škaljar cemetery testifies to the identities of the former inhabitants of the town as well as their mutual differences. Within the cemetery there is a chapel of the Marović family, which has been declared a cultural monument and is protected by law.

There are a large number of nationalities who were subjects of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy buried in this cemetery at that time, their descendants from various European countries often look for and visit the graves of their ancestors.

For many years city council of Kotor has been cooperating with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, which employs archaeologists, restorers, and historians of architecture. We also cooperate with the Italian community in Kotor, which takes care of a large number of graves of our compatriots, with which we plan the revitalization of each individual tomb in cooperation with competent professionals from various fields.

The old town of Kotor has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. It has preserved traces of Illyrian and Roman culture, Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. As a place dedicated to maintaining remembrance but also to building awareness of ancestors, the cemetery has a great role to play in order to prevent oblivion in addition to respecting the cult of the dead. the cemetery in Škaljari is the first digitized cemetery in Montenegro, the third in the area of the former SFRJ. A program (street view) is being developed to enable a virtual tour of the cemetery.


City Cemetery Škaljari

City Cemetery Škaljari

City Cemetery Škaljari


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