Virtual Guide to the Zadar City Cemetery

Zadar mobile app
City Cemetery of Zadar has its own mobile application.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of existence of the City Cemetery of Zadar, the company Nasadi wanted to mark the jubilee and created a mobile application called "Virtual Guide to the Zadar City Cemetery", which is now available on the Google play platform.

This application is a kind of guide that in one place presents the history of the cemetery and the significant people and sights that give the cemetery its historical and cultural importance. The app also has several suggested routes to important people, all accompanied by location views, photos and sound recordings

The application is free for all users, and its release will continue to be upgraded and supplemented with information and, according to the needs of users, develop new options and improve existing ones, as well as introduce an English translation. The virtual guide marked the anniversary of the cemetery, but also follows trends in technology, which would make it easier for visitors to visit the City Cemetery in a different and modern way.