"Letters to heaven" at Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium

"Letters to heaven" at Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium
A special letterbox has been installed at the entrance to Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium. Family members can use it to send post containing personal messages to the loved ones they have lost.

Initiative by Anita Meinema

The letterbox for ‘letters to heaven’ is an initiative by Anita Meinema from Santpoort-Noord. Anita’s parents and husband were cremated at Westerveld, and their ashes were also scattered there. After regularly writing letters to her husband after his death, Anita realised that this helped her a great deal in coping with her loss. Her next thought was that if it helped her, it might also help other people to send a ‘letter to heaven’. She approached Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium with her idea, and they have since installed a special letterbox at the entrance to the park. On posting her ‘letter to heaven’ on 18 May, Anita Meinema’s wish was granted.

Anita Meinema explains: “I love walking around Westerveld Park because it’s beautiful. Luckily, Westerveld immediately welcomed my idea. I’m delighted that there is now a letterbox for anyone wanting to write a letter, whether it’s personal or anonymous. Who knows what people may write; a poem, a final goodbye or simply a ‘chat’.”

Offering comfort

“We are delighted and proud to have been able to become part of this beautiful initiative,” says Jessica Hof of Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium. “I truly hope that writing letters can help comfort family and friends in their time of loss, just as it did Anita Meinema.”