WDEC 2021 in Maribor

WDEC 2021 in Maribor, Slovenia
Highlighting the diversity and interconnectedness of European cemeteries through the poster exhibition "Crossroads of Diversity".

20 years of ASCE, 20 days of WDEC

This year we are celebrating 20 years since the founding of ASCE and in honor of this important anniversary, Week of discovering European Cemeteries ran for 20 days, from 28 May to 16 June 2021. The central theme was the emphasis on diversity in cemeteries in all its forms and on this basis, an international project Crossroads of Diversity was carried out, in which the diversity of cemeteries across Europe was presented through interesting photos in an online photo book.

Poster exhibition "Crossroads of diversity"

Maribor, as the presiding member of ASCE, decided to highlight the diversity and interconnectedness of European cemeteries even more. A selection of 20 photos from the 37 that were part of the Crossroads of Diversity photo book, were then presented on posters at the Pobrežje and Dobrava cemeteries in Maribor, Slovenia. Each day during the WDEC 2021, visitors of Maribor's cemeteries were able to get to know one of Europe's amazing and unique cemeteriesm, one of the crossroads of diversity.

You can see some of the posters in the photo gallery below.