Cemetery Tourism Study

City Cemetery Škaljari (Kotor, Montenegro)
The publication “Cemetery Tourism Study” aims to discover the model for future valorization of the Jewish part of the City Cemetery Škaljari, through the prism of cultural practice and tourism.

About the publication

The publication “Cemetery Tourism Study” was created for the needs of the pilot project of the Municipality of Kotor entitled “Rediscover, expose and exploit the conceived Jewish heritage of the Danube region” whose purpose was to rediscover the forgotten Jewish cultural heritage in the Danube region. Numerous cultural institutions from Montenegro and abroad participated in the preparation of the publication.

The study presents the historical development of the Kotor municipal cemetery, with special reference to the chronology of its development, the architecture of its chapels and churches as well as its monumental sculpture. A special section of this study was dedicated to the architectural, stylistic and chronological research of the Jewish cemetery, which is located within the City Cemetery Škaljari, and is the only one of its kind in Montenegro. The aim of the study was to discover the model for its valorization in future, through the prism of cultural practice and tourism.

The full publication is available at this link.