A unique performance at the Monumentale of Milan

Saturday, 25th September, at 9pm the Monumentale Cemetery will host the play "Uomini liberi. Ambrogio e Agostino" staged on a Ape Car, a three-wheeled utility vehicle.

Brainchild of Amici del Monumentale, Moto Teatro and Socrem-Milano (Cremation Society of Milan), whose president, Giovanni Bossi, donates this special performance in remembrance of all Milanese citizens who died from Covid.

Giacomo Poretti, a leading cinema and theatre actor, is the only player.  In the background, Milan to represent the place where the German Ambrogio, Bishop of the city meets Agostino, an African rhetoric teacher. Foreigners and the city of Milan as a welcoming and demanding mother that keeps urging its children to acknowledge the responsibility of their talent whilst guiding them to realize the true sense of freedom. Giacomo Poretti's performance will be accompanied by the  flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn of the Quintetto Notturno Clandestino. Free entrance. A donation for the restoration of  the tomb of Carlo Maciachini, the architect of the Monumentale, is appreciated.