From history to history - Monumental cemetery of Turin (ITA)



A collective story that has crossed the places of
Vanchiglia, Madonna del Pilone and Borgo Dora, tracing the thin thread of
memory that binds the memories of the people who today live in the streets and
squares of the 7th District, to those of the characters who lived there and
whose graves are found in the Monumental cemetery and in the Sassi cemetery.
Among the characters of the past come back to life with the power of the story,
Giulia Colbert, Giacinto Pacchiotti, Ada Gobetti, Francesco Cirio, the Biolley
family and the chantosa Isa Bluette.

At 4.15 pm, the last animated walk will take place
among the historic tombs of Cirio (founder of the tomato industry), Isa bluette
(stage name of Teresa Ferrero, worker of the Tobacco Factory who has become a
famous actress who is responsible for the discovery of Totò and Macario) and
the Biolley family (armory suppliers for the Royal House) at the Campo
Evangelico. 15 places available.

At 6 pm, on the other hand, “Tomatoes, Theater and
cannons“, the final theatrical representation of this collective narrative will
be staged at the Campo della Gloria (the partisans' cubes). Entrance at 5.45 pm
from Corso Regio Parco 80. 100 seats available.

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