AGM 2022: Guided walk at the Zemun Cemetery

Zemun Cemetery (Belgrade, Serbia)
One of the activities that is going to take place during the Annual General Meeting and Conference 2022 is a guided walk around the Zemun Cemetery and the city of Zemun.

About the Zemun Cemetery

At the right bank of the Danube River, high on the Grados Hill, safely tucked behind the defense walls with the bastions and loopholes formerly belonged to the Zemun City rampart, lies the oldest and still operating cemetery in Belgrade, established during the first decades of 18th Century – Zemun Cemetery.

The Zemun Jewish CemeteryZemun on the Danube, once an independent city, became a part of Belgrade only in 1934 and is now one of its municipalities. Zemun has a long history and rich cultural heritage, dating form prehistoric times. The city itself welcomed all those who were brought to this diverse environment by historic winds and the Danube River waives.

The Gardos Hill where the cemetery is located, is the oldest part of the settlement, now a core of the Zemun’s old town. For centuries, this cemetery was the final resting place for locals and newcomers alike, wherever they came from. Thy lived and worked together, fought wars, loved and shared passions, whereas many of them gained respect, fortune and even glory.

The Zemun CemeteryOver time the three confessions, initially each keeping to its own side of the burial ground blended together: Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish, but also the atheists and those undecided. People of all classes, origin, social status, positions, rich and poor, worriers and victims, they all found their piece together. The Cemetery harbors the catholic chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, orthodox St Demetrious Chapel, Statue of the Christ Crucifix, in addition to one of the oldest Jewish Cemeteries in Serbia and WWII partisan cemetery. They all came together as equals in eternity: winners and losers of the Great War, worriers and victims of the WWII, each claiming their well-deserved place: aristocratic mausoleums next to ossuaries, grandiose headstones of the rich merchants alongside the modest graves of unknown ordinary citizens, last resting places of clergy and distinguished persons beside the graves of the individuals with “checkered past”.

Shouldering the burden of the city’s history, Zemun Cemetery itself participated in its creation. Once located outside the city walls, the cemetery is now surrounded by residential areas, separated by the gates and the terrain configuration, with the astonishing view to the famous Tower of John Hunyadi, also known as Gardos or Millennium Tower.

AGM 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia

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