Call for hosting AGM 2024 or 2025

Municipal Cemetery of Granada (Granada, Spain)
Seize the opportunity to become the host of the ASCE Annual General Meeting and Conference and take advantage of the benefits that this position brings to your cemetery and city.

Benefits of hosting AGM

Each year the Annual General Meeting attracts over 100 cemetery academics, artists and professionals from all over Europe. We generate a lot of public attention and through the conference help expose important topics from modern cemeteries management.

Hosting the AGM is a great opportunity especially when it coincides with other relevant events of the city. The main benefits are:

  • international exposure through several communication channels of ASCE, especially in professional, diplomatic and academic circles;
  • attention of local and regional media due to interesting authors and international attendance;
  • networking for local companies allowing to promote their products and services through sponsorship or other inclusions into the conference theme;
  • international promotion of local academics and networking with other institutions thus creating new possibilities for joint researches;
  • proposing and directing the theme relevant for local cemetery or situation and thus gathering important know-how for solving the situations.

Guidelines and application form

Due to much interest in hosting we have prepared some guidelines for all candidates on how to approach becoming the host.

To apply for hosting the AGM 2024 or 2025, follow the link below:

AGM host application form

*Photo of the Cemetery of Varaždin (Croatia). Copyright by Darko Gorenak.