WDEC 2022 in Cambados

Santa Mariña Cemetery (Cambados, Spain)
Many stories, characters, details and anecdotes will be rediscovered on the guided tour at the Santa Mariña Cemetery in Cambados (Spain) on June 4, 2022.

The City Council of Cambados, as a member of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) since 2014, will participate in the week of enhancement of these spaces and their great historical and artistic importance, with a guided tour organized by the Department of Culture.

Guided tour at the Santa Mariña Cemetery

Led by Maribel Iglesias Baldonedo, Doctor of Art History, a free guided walk will take place from the current parish church of Cambados (located on San Francisco Street) to the Ruins of Santa Mariña. The starting point is not insignificant and in less than 700 meters walk, stories, characters, details and anecdotes will be rediscovered to attract visitors to these places of notorious cultural, architectural, educational and artistic wealth.

Sign up

The visit will begin on Saturday, June 4, at 11:30 am and only 30 places are available.

You can sign up at bibliotecacambados@gmail.com or by phone +34 986 520 008