WDEC 2022 in Santander

Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego (Santander, Spain)
On June 4, 2022, a spectacular night event entitled "The Night of the Muses" will celebrate art in all its forms at the Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego in Santander (Spain).

The Night of the Muses

Once again, the Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego resumes visits to its necropolis. This sixth edition is entitled "The Night of the Muses" and it is included within the events of the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries 2022.

The event will take place on June 4, 2022, at 21.30, in the Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego.


The muses will be the ones to guide us through the Ciriego cemetery. The necropolis will be the inspiration for the artists. Let's not lose sight of Urania (muse of Astrology) who will prevent us from getting lost in the network of streets and alleys of Ciriego. With Erato (muse of poetry) we will remember one of our most beloved poets, Pepe Hierro. Terpsicope (muse of dance) and Euterpe (muse of music) will accompany us to our "little amphitheater". Polimnia (muse of the lyric) will show us the charm of silence and voice and, finally, Clio (muse of history) will take us to the place where stories never were.


The Night of the Muses 2022 in Municipal Cemetery of CiriegoThis evening would not have been possible without the collaboration of

  • Víctor Aja (musician),
  • Inés Fonseca (composer, singer and writer),
  • Ana Alonso de la Fuente (percussion),
  • the Cristina Arte dance company (Cristina Arce, Nuria Blanco and Maria Dubarbie),
  • Telmo Menéndez (actor),
  • the Children's Choir "Colegio San Agustín" directed by Laura G. Ortigosa and accompanied by Javier Rapado (lute), Cristina Medina (piano), Zaida Díez (guitar) and Laura Sánchez (ukulele),
  • Belén de Benito (photographer),
  • muses-dancers: Carlota Argos, Telma Madrazo, Irene Cuevas, Marina Navarro, Celia Herrera and Lucía Martín
  • "azafat@s": Ana Rumayor, Paula Gómez, Victoria Gómez and Alvaro Redruello.


Finally, we would like to thank the Cántabro Group for its sponsorship and the collaboration of: Strong, the Ataulfo Argenta Conservatory, Musical San Fernando, Contracorriente Producciones, the Pepín Nereo Group, the Official College of Architects of Cantabria, the Image Documentation Center, Allegra and the Dance School MyC.

*Main photo source: www.cementeriodeciriego.es